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Corporate Philosophy



Our desire for all people to live healthy and prosperous lives inspired us to create the following Mission, Vision, and Values. These signposts will guide us on our journey and support us as we contribute to people’s day-to-day health by creating new healthcare solutions.


To support people’s health by providing excellent, high-quality products and services and trustworthy information


To become a leading consumer healthcare company through the swift creation of new value and an agile response to the diverse healthcare needs of our customers


Putting Consumers First
Our mission to support people’s health is a source of pride and pleasure. We aim to build genuine trust with our stakeholders and society through ensuring product quality and safety and thoughtful actions that satisfy expectations.

Lasting Integrity
Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. We maintain high ethical standards and compliance and act fairly and honestly even when facing the most demanding challenges.

Enjoying the Challenge
We are empowered to shape the future. We can affect and create change through continuous learning and growth, an agile mindset and finding enjoyment in the challenges we face.

Valuing People
We treat everyone with respect and embrace diverse values.
We aim to build a work environment that maximizes the potential of each individual, where we can create new value through teamwork and positive competition.

Corporate Symbol

Our new corporate symbol expresses two significant concepts: our future-focused development and the maintenance of our existing principles.
Future-focused development : a renewed future-oriented approach and spirit to take on challenges.
Maintaining existing principles : a steadfast commitment to our convictions (Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance) and to our customers.
The three points of the triangle represent our challenges, convictions, and customer commitment.
The triangle in the center of the Alinamin Pharmaceutical ‘A’ represents our future-oriented approach.
The new corporate symbol embodies the promise from our company to all stakeholders, beginning with our customers.