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Building a Great place to work

Promoting Diversity

Alinamin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is made up of diverse employees who work with a sense of purpose to realize the company's vision. We believe in providing our employees with opportunities for growth, and allowing them to fulfill their potential and feel passionate about their careers, regardless of age, gender, work style, or nationality. As a company committed to helping people enjoy healthy lives, we actively promote flexible approaches to work, and strive to create an environment where employees can have a good work-life balance and live rich, healthy lives themselves.

Our workforce as of 2019

Percentage of female employees
Average number of years at the company
Female: 18.9 years
  Male: 17.9 years
Percentage of section heads who are female
Action being taken to solve the problem of long working hours
  • ・Setting goals for the rate of annual paid holiday taken and total hours worked
  • ・Promoting flexible working styles (flextime, working from home)
Average hours of overtime per month
11.1 hours
Rate of annual paid holidays taken (permanent staff)
Use of flexible work systems
Flex time system:
Remote work system:

Key Performance Indicators for 2020 - 2022

① Percentage of female section heads
② Percentage of female section heads and above
① 25%
② 20%
Creating a work environment where employees can achieve a work-life balance
Annual paid holiday taken rate of 70% or above
Rate of paternity leave taken (cumulative)
10% or more