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Quality Management Policy

Alinamin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Alinamin Pharmatech Co., Ltd. have determined the following management principles to realize their aim of meeting the needs of people who want to enjoy healthy lives.

1.Each department shall set quality targets and be responsible for achieving them, with the overall goal of improving management quality.

  • ・Customer First
    We shall always listen to our customers, further improve the value of our current brand products, and create new brand products to meet our customers’ needs.
  • ・Partnerships
    We shall build strong partnerships based on trust with all external stakeholders, including retailers, distributors, manufacturing subcontractors, and related companies inside and outside of Japan.
  • ・Social Responsibility
    We shall continuously improve our product development, manufacturing, and sales processes to maintain reliable product quality, and fulfill our social responsibilities as a manufacturer and distributor of medical products.
  • ・Teamwork
    All employees shall be professional, work hard, and place importance on teamwork to strengthen bonds between departments and achieve overall optimization.

2.We shall follow the laws and regulations applicable to our products, and the requirements in contracts formed with customers and external stakeholders. Furthermore, we shall review these every year and make continuous improvements.

3.We shall provide all employees with training and opportunities for self-improvement so that they may work with sufficient awareness of customer needs, their own roles, and the quality standards we are required to meet.