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Caring about people's health is where
Alinamin Pharmaceutical started.
We are always there for our customers.

In 1950, we released Panvitan®—Japan's first multivitamin—and in 1954, successfully developed the vitamin B1 derivative (a drug that increases absorption of vitamin B1) Alinamin®.
The company started from a desire to help people suffering from malnutrition caused by postwar food shortages. We have a strong, unshakable belief in helping people who want to be healthy achieve this through the provision of excellent products and appropriate information. Alinamin Pharmaceutical takes its role in consumer healthcare very seriously. We are working to quickly respond to our customer's diverse needs and growing the company.

Products Available at Pharmacies and Drug Stores in Japan

You can view our over-the-counter drugs and quasi-drugs that are available at pharmacies and drug stores on the following site.

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Products Available through our Online Shop

You can view information about our quasi-drugs, health foods, and other products available online on the following site.

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